Excerpts from latest article in the daily mail online

‘Now, confession time’ writes Liz Hoggard in the dailymail.co.uk ‘I don’t cook much’.

In a delightful article on the Tajine and side dishes cooking workshop at Fez Cooking School, Liz Hoggard, one of the top writers in the travel journalism today, describes her experience when on a stay at Palais Amani, Fez.

‘We are here at the labyrinthine food market to choose ingredients to cook an authentic Moroccan feast’ she says, and then goes on to describe how the chef Zakia at the recently launched Fez Cooking School, situated at ‘top foodie hotel Palais Amani’ (dixit Liz Hoggard) ‘is showing us the best places to buy spices, fresh coriander and mint, and extra virgin olive oil.’

For that is exactly part of the experience when choosing the souk visit with your cooking workshop. Whilst Marrakech may cover more pages in celebrity magazines and style articles, ‘Fez, ranks among Morocco’s most rewardingly preserved sites’ says Hoggard. ‘ – with faded palaces and the oldest university in the world. It is perfect for a weekend break: only a three-hour flight, then a 25-minute drive to the hotel.’

Fez is known as Morocco’s culinary capital. And Palais Amani has become a noted foodie destination. Eden, their blue-and-white tiled restaurant, offers a fusion of Arab, Berber, Moorish and Mediterranean influences.

The authentic part of the Fez cooking School experience says Hoggard, is that Chef Zakia, grew up in the medina so she knows all the hidden foodie spots that tourists may not always find. She marvels at the broad bean soup that is served as regular breakfast fare, with olive oil, cumin and chilli on the top. And then goes on to describe the piles of sticky dates, plump lemons and ripe persimmon.

By the end of the experience, and the article Liz Hoggard has learned how to make a vegetarian tagine, and is truly proud of her work, as the photograph goes to show. Hats off to Liz, and looking forward to the dinner invitation next time we come to London!


May 2018