Thanksgiving meets Eid Al Mawlid at Palais Amani

This year, two calendars meet.

Thanksgiving meets Eid Al Mawlid and this very rare event necessarily called for celebrations at the Palais Amani. On November 22nd, we celebrated the birth of the prophet and Thanksgiving for all our in-house guests and exteriors.

Historically Eid Al Mawlid goes back to the early stages of Islam. Muslims celebrate the birth of the prophet Mohammed and honour him through the recital of poems and songs. On the night of the 22nd, a local Moroccan music band showcased a live and festive performance for our guests in our oasis-like central garden.

Eid Al Mawlid is also a day where religion meets culture.

Moroccan’s traditionally express their devotion and faith to the prophet but it is also the occasion for them to gather together and share meals.

In the central garden of the Palais Amani, a large and gargantuan buffet of sweet temptations was laid out for our guests. The traditional Moroccan mint tea was also served for all. (You can learn all about this national drink in our tea ceremonies)

Thanksgiving celebration

In addition to a special Thanksgiving breakfast that was served for our in-house guests, the evening Thanksgiving menu served in our restaurant Eden At Palais Amani, reflected the fusion of two religious traditions.

This dual celebration was honored with a four-course gourmet menu.

To work up our guests’ appetite, a delicate mise en bouche made of Atlas trout and fresh avocado was served, followed by a trio of savoury tarts for starters. A very generously served free-range chicken Rfissa Lâamia dish replaces the traditional Thanksgiving turkey. But a Thanksgiving meal would be incomplete if it didn’t count pumpkin amongst its ingredients. The Chef created a deliciously light pumpkin mousse to the greatest delight of our guests’ taste buds.

AV, 23rd November 2018

Thanksgiving meets Eid Al Mawlid