Fez Cooking School: The Baking class with tea Ceremony

The Baking class with tea Ceremony at Fez Cooking School is an experience which offers more than just learning how to bake delicious treats.

It provides an immersive experience that combines the art of baking with the rituals of making the Moroccan tea.The fact that creates a memorable and culturally enriching experience for participants.

In this workshop, participants not only learn the secrets of traditional Moroccan baking techniques but also get to savor the flavors of freshly baked bread and pastries. Our experienced chefs lead the workshop sharing their knowledge and passion for Moroccan cuisine. They make it an educational and enjoyable experience for all.

Whether the guests are baking enthusiasts looking to expand their skills or simply people who enjoy trying new experiences. The Baking workshop offers a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the vibrant food culture of this enchanting city. 

Once the bread is prepared, our chefs escort the clients to the communal oven. Most Moroccans take their bread to the communal oven as their homes are not equipped with stoves . Then, they come back to the Palace for the pastry part. As soon as they finish they go back to the communal oven to pick up the bread.

They return to the Palace with their fresh bread to start the tea ceremony. A prominent step where they discover the very interesting technics of making moroccan mint tea. The tea ceremony is an integral part of Moroccan society and life. It goes beyond being just a drink; it embodies the values of hospitality, friendship, and community that are deeply rooted in Moroccan culture. The Baking class at Fez Cooking School is an experience not to be missed when on a visit in Morocco.

Mariem Trifi