Live Cooking Workshop at Palais Amani

The most exciting and tempting part while visiting Morocco would certainly be the famous Moroccan cuisine. The perfect mixture of the colorful ingredients. The fragrant smell and the strong flavorous Moroccan spices would make you fall in love with every dish you taste and every corner you go. Local food can teach you a lot about a culture’s traditions and history. However, when it comes to the Moroccan food, there will be millions of sides and secrets to discover. The Live Cooking class would closely introduce you to the mysterious secrets of the irresistible Moroccan delicacies.

The authentic Virtual Moroccan Experience

It’s safe to say people are cooking at home now more than ever. And since we’re all stuck inside, the team of Fez Cooking School have gone online to teach virtual cooking courses. The best part is, there’s a class for everyone, including total beginners in the kitchen, families, and even advanced cooks who have more time on their hands.

“Food makes you part of something bigger”. Therefore sharing our food culture with guests from all around the world makes us feel united more than ever. Thanks to our clients contagious enthusiasm, we’ve been receiving alot of Google Reviews from all around the globe. Sharing their satisfaction with the Moroccan experience. Demonstrating how the experience help them travel virtually, discover the real Moroccan culture, and have a glimpse on the real beauty of Fez Medina. Despite the fact that borders are still closed.

Global Live Cooking Class with Indagare and Maana Travel

Two weeks and thanks to a fruitful collaboration with Indagare Travel and MAANA Travel agencies; The Fez Cooking School team could gladly introduce Morocco in a one-hour hands-on Class with 69 participant from every corner of the world.

The Live Cooking workshop is similar to having our Moroccan Chef, and English- speaking coordinator in your kitchen while you’re cooking. So you can easily follow the steps and explanations during the cooking workshop. without having to pause your screen and without following the quick gestures of the chefs on a video or a cooking show on TV.

The Class is held in the 17th-century Palace in the the beating heart of Morocco. The Old Fez Medina. Fez is a perfect destination for cookery classes. As it is a very rich city, both in terms of the large ancient history and the breadth of variable ingredients, and flavored with a host of spices. Hearing the the birds singing, and water leaking out from the blue tiled fountain during the Live Workshop, will certainly transfer you to a world of peace and mesmerizing history.

So indulge your passion for food and cooking on an immersive, educational Live Cooking class at Fez Cooking School.

Loubna El Bouchikhi “Experience Coordinator at Palais Amani”

Live Cookinh
Live Cooking at Palais Amani