What is Iftar? Join us at Palais Amani
Break the fast at restaurant Eden

13 days. That is the number of days until the end of the most sacred month in the Hegira (Islamic calendar). It is a month dedicated to spirituality, contemplation and celebration. It is practiced by Muslims worldwide through a month of fasting from dusk until dawn. The fast is observed by all healthy Muslims and is one of the five pillars of Islam. Though this practice may seem strenuous it is also a time for celebration and family. What is Iftar? What are its virtues? Join us at the Palais Amani.

What is Iftar? 

The meal to break the fast at the end of each day is called Iftar. It is also referred to as Ftour in northern Africa. It is a meal done as a community and done just after the call for prayer. 

What are the virtues of Iftar?

What is Iftar? Join us at Palais Amani
Dates and other delicacies eaten during Iftar

Not only is the practice of fasting a spiritual practice, it also comes with some health benefits. 

Eating three dates traditionally breaks the fast. This ritual comes with some health benefits. It is important, during fasting, to get the right amount of energy. The carbohydrates acquired by the dates provide the perfect boost of energy especially during the hot days of spring.

Ramadan is also the best time to give up bad habits such as smoking for example. The added benefits of doing it as a group are undeniable. The sense of community is heightened during this sacred month. 

Iftar at Palais Amani

What is Iftar? Join us at Palais Amani
View from our rooftop of our restaurant area

We are now more than halfway through Ramadan. People are now used to the difficulty that can be the daily fast. They are going out more. They are breaking their fast outside the household. Where better then our Eden like garden to do so? 

Our restaurant Eden offers a delicious Iftar Menu (Ftour Menu). It is the perfect occasion to join our staff in breaking there fast whether you are doing Ramadan or not. Come as a family, come as a group of friends and share some delicious food. You can do so either in our serene gardens or overlooking the beautiful Medina of Fez. Regardless of the location in our hotel, we guarantee a magical dinning experience, heightening all of your senses. 

Ramadan Kareem to one and all! 

NB 24th May 2019