John Dory or Golden Yellow, an unlovely fish to love.

Presenting the John Dory

Take a look at a John Dory and you wonder why anyone would want to eat it. Its flat bony body and lethal spike is not remotely appetising. And its name is a peculiar choice too:  literally janue doré, from the French golden yellow, actually quite flattering for such an unsightly animal but weird never the less.

This said, the John Dory is a surprisingly tender fish to eat. Forget about its lethal and menacing spine, it has a delicious and delicate white flesh. The texture of the John Dory is firm and flaky.


When it comes to prepping this fish, the options are endless. Choose to steam it, poach it, sautée it, bake it, fry it… Whatever you prefer! With a little love and attention the result will be miraculous!

Christmas Eve dinner

This year for Christmas Eve, at the Palais Amani we have decided to serve it as a roulade. Our guests who dine in our restaurant Eden will have the pleasure to savour a John Dory served with wild rice and a mushroom sauce. Truly a dish not to be missed!


And for the more adventurous at home who wish to give their Christmas an Arabian twist, the John Dory can be marinated in a traditional Moroccan chermoula (on our website look for the fish tajine recipe).

Finely chop the bunch of coriander, garlic and mix. Add a bit of salt, pepper, cumin, paprika and lemon juice, and then mix. Blend in some olive oil and mix again.

Drizzle the marinade over the fish and bake at 220°C for about 10 minutes. The fish can be served with big potato wedges “Moroccan style”. Cut your potatoes into nice and generous wedges; cover them with olive oil, paprika and a bit of salt. Bake for 45 minutes at 180°C. Add a little fresh green salad and enjoy!

AV, December 2018

John Dory