The success of foodie experiences by Tracey Davies in Click. By

Eat like a local or making “dough” out of food

Travellers experiences in recent years have “morphed” from ticking off the things to see, to wanting to experience destinations through the eyes of a local, says Tracey Davies in a recent Click article.

And the quickest way to immerse yourself into any culture, she goes on, is to “eat like a local”. She explains the different ways this can be done with hoteliers who have realized this trend in tourism who are introducing their own foodie experiences.

Master chef classes

Michelin star restaurants such as the Limewood hotel or le Manoir des Quatre Saisons offer classes with master chefs to lucky clients.

Online booking platforms

Global experience platforms are opening up like Airbnb Experiences or Tripadvisor are selling experiences.

Cooking schools

And this year at Palais Amani, says Tracey Davies, the famous boutique hotel launched Fez Cooking School on their rooftop to allow clients both residents and those staying in Fez to learn how to prepare and cook classic Moroccan dishes. ‘A perfect way to live like a local is to eat like a local she says. And where better to do so but at the Fez Cooking School.’ We couldn’t agree more! Thank you Tracey Davies.

JMB 31st August, 2018