Coronavirus pandemic: The day that Time came to stay

The Coronavirus pandemic, Palais Amani and Fez Cooking School

Like so many other places over the world, due to the Coronavirus pandemic Palais Amani, and Fez Cooking School shut its doors this week. The few members of the team that can work from home are doing so. Answering the remaining cancellations, as well the occasional booking that comes in for later in the year. But the remainder of our staff are just like you, confined at home to wait out this Coronavirus pandemic. And yes, there is a huge amount of anxiety in the uncertain times ahead.

The come-back of a lost friend

At the Fez Cooking School we cannot deny that our concerns with the Coronavirus pandemic are high. For how long we can survive with no revenue? And how long it will be before we can expect to be back on our feet. But in the midst of all this, there is a positive energy involved in welcoming the biggest friend. The biggest friend that so many of us, in this crazy, fast lane world of ours wish would show her face more often.

‘Who is this guest?’ I hear you say.

‘Time!’ I reply:  ‘The guest we are welcoming* goes by the name of Time’.

Time, that priceless jewel. A jewel distributed to us equally in daily quotas of twenty-four hours. Yet for so many, apart from a holiday here and there, she is near impossible to find.

We complain that we don’t have any, that we can’t find her. We complain that if we could, we would do so many things, if only we had the time. And now, for so many of us, we do.

Uplifting messages from friends

In amongst the cancellations and the anxious enquiries we have been receiving, we have also had a number of messages from guests/friends. Guest and friends who in the last 12 months have enjoyed unforgettable times with our chefs and guest-relations team at the Fez Cooking School.

It is heartening to learn, that when time does come back to those who so often lack it, their thoughts go to the indelible memories of cooking. And discovery that they experienced with us.

One guest is already planning her next trip back to stay with us at Palais Amani in the spring. She sent us well wishes and said how much this stressful time was lightened by the memory of her day in the medina tasting different dishes.

‘Loubna, I’m sorry its taken over a year to contact you- funny how a world flu stops you from working so hard. Im grateful to be reminded to live and enjoy’.

From the confinement of their apartment in Rome, another guest sent a Whatsapp. Thanking us for the spices she had bought when she did the class at the end of the year.

‘I have just taken some food to my 85 year old mother who is alone in isolation here in Rome. Her day was lit up with the delicious food containing the spices we brought back from our time with you in Fez. Thank you, thank you and keep well’.

Embracing a worldwide sent message

So here is our message today, from the confinement of our homes,. Please embrace this old friend of ours and concentrate on the essentials of life. The moments and actions that give pleasure daily. Like taking a bit more time and a large sprinkle of love and happiness to make a dish you learnt. Maybe with us, or maybe not yet. But in any event, throw yourself into the present and try your hand at some of our tried and tested recipes.

JMB, March, 2020

Coronavirus Pandemic