Sacred Music Festival: 25th Edition

25th edition of the festival

The sacred music festival of Fes is an annual event organised by the ‘Fondation Esprit’ of Fes. The festival will now commence its 25th edition. A quarter of a century.  It started in 1994 and had for mission to spread peace and bring people together. The festival lasts about a week. It shows diverse types of performances in the important and historical monuments and sites of Fes. Each year, the festival welcomes a plethora of artists from all backgrounds and cultures. 

History of the festival 

The festival falls within scholarly, artistic and spiritual traditions of the city of Fes. Since it’s creation in 1994, its success has grown year on year. It has been designated in 2001 by the UN as a significant event. It is said to have contributed in a remarkable way towards the conversation on civilisations. 

Sacred Music Festival: 25th Edition

International influence of the festival 

As a result, the festival created a ripple effect. An international network started generating support and media coverage. Consequently, an organisation called Spirit of Fes was born in the US. They organise events every 2 years. They wish to spread the Fes Festival programme throughout 20 cities all over North America.

A tour was organised in October and November 2006. Namely with a concert in Carnegie Hall in New York City. Thanks to events like these the “spirit of Fes” is now being spread throughout the world.

Many other cities such as London, Milan or Madrid have wished to participate. They also wish to spread the festival’s message and meeting with Fes. They want to participate in opening up the dialogue about spirituality through music. Also of the creation of a culture of peace. Above all, this is made possible by the spreading of a plural globalisation. Most importantly being respectful of spiritual and ethical values of others. 

The festival at Palais Amani

The festival this year is held from the 14th to the 22nd of June. Its theme is Fes at the confluence of Cultures. Furthermore, as well as it being the 25th edition, it is particularly important as it coincides with the 20th year of the King’s reign. Artists of all kind are taking part in the even. Writers, philosophers, musicians… 

We will be hosting a concert showcasing the talent of Uday Bhawalkar & Pratap Awad. Join us in our beautiful gardens on Wednesday the 19th of May at 11am. As well as the concert, Eden Restaurant at the Palais Amani will be serving a delicious selection of dishes from light snacks to our à la carte menu after the lecture/concert.

Feel free to join us and finally feed the body as well as the soul!

NB 12th June 2019