Summer Market Moroccan Menu: Tanjia

Our Market Moroccan menu is a celebration of the profusion of the local produce. In addition to our selection of exquisite Moroccan Signature dishes on the à la carte menu, Eden at Palais Amani’s ‘Market Moroccan’ concept is a seasonal changing three-course bistro menu that provides fresh innovative healthy dishes reflecting the abundance of seasonal produce that is on our doorstep. 

What is a Tanjia Tajine?

A Tanjia is a typical Moroccan dish originally from Marrakech. It is not a celebratory dish. It is a dish to be shared with family and friends. Artisans, colleagues or even students will often regroup to share a Tanjia together.

It is served in a terra cotta dish. All the ingredients are mixed together and cooked for hours at the communal bakery. This dish resembles the city it originates from and its inhabitants. It is invigoration and light. It is spicy and sweet. It is refined and rustic. Much like the city itself, this dish is made for people who are not in a hurry.

Tanjia Recipe

Vegetarian Tanjia of lady’s fingers and Slaoui courgettes


Summer Market Moroccan Menu: Tanjia

1 Kg of Slaoui Courgettes (ordinary courgettes could be used)

½ Kgof Lady’s Fingers (Okra)

½ Kgof Onions

½ Kgof Tomatoes 

Cloves of garlic

1 large bunch of parsley 

½ spoonof salt

½ spoonof black pepper

1 spoonof Ginger

1 spoonof Turmeric

Saffron filaments

30 clof olive oil

1 Lof water  


Summer Market Moroccan Menu: Tanjia

Onion: finely chop

Tomato: peel, seed, and finely chop

Garlic: peal, and grate

Courgettes: peel, cut in half, slice each half lengthwise, remove and discard the core, then slice each quarter into medium strips.

In an authentic Tanjia pot, we add the vegetables, spices, oil and water, then leave to marinate for a few minutes. We take our Tanjia to a communal bakery to be cooked in the hot embers and ash for at least a few hours.

 Enjoy your meal!

NB 21st June 2019